Knights of the Pain Table

A Camelot for Sufferers of Chronic Pain

Two Furry Jesters Doth Make Camelot Laugh with Medieval Madness

| December 3, 2009

Lady Ginger and Sir Serene Sir Cabel,  dog of our Arthur,   didst hear the plight of these two dogs,  that had little space to lay their heads.   With noblesse oblige,  he didst seek help for his fellow creatures.    Sir Tyolet,  who didst speak the language of animals,  asked his gracious King if someone in Camelot […]

Zero Gravity Dog, Petitcrieu, Doth Fly in Camelot

| September 18, 2008

University  of  Camelot At the UofC ( University of Camelot),  the highest division of study is the Quadrivium,  which included the four sciences;  arithmetic,  geometry,  astronomy and music.   One day the class of Enchantress Florisdelfa sat by the fountain,  surrounded by the fragrance of amaranthus.    Under the blissfulness of the sunne, her students beseeched their […]

Medieval Help Desk for Thee in Camelot from Merlin

| July 12, 2008

Myrddin (Merlin) Doth Announce  Medieval  Help  Desk  for  Thee Attention:  Knaves, Lords, Ladyes, Peasants, Knights, Vassals, Friars, Squires, Viscounts, Shire-reeves, Stewards, Pardoners, Jesters, Scribes, Serfs and All those in Camelot. In Camelot of late many hath spoken of their confusion with the new technology that has graced our lands.    King Arthur didst seeketh the conseil […]