Knights of the Pain Table

A Camelot for Sufferers of Chronic Pain

“The World I Knew” by Jordin Sparks from African Cats Leads Us

| May 3, 2011

“The World I Knew” by Jordin Sparks from African Cats Leads Us The World I Knew by Jordin Sparks I don’t know where this road is going to lead me But I’m hoping that with you I can make it through I’ve had enough of this life to lead me Right up to the edge […]

Steph Jones – I am the Little Drummer Boy – New Music Ft Jordin Sparks.

| December 27, 2009

Little Drummer Boy It is exciting when an artist fuses music from different genres or times.    It takes talent to take an original song with so much meaning, to so many, and extend its reach.   American singer/songwriter, Steph Jones, was confident enough to bring us his version of the classic Christmas song, the […]

Get Your Armor! Get Your Armor! For A Battlefield by Jordin Sparks

| August 23, 2009

Jordin   Sparks Why does love always feel like a battlefield A battlefield,  a battlefield? Better go and get your armor Get your armor Bring forth the armor, as the Knights of Camelot will fight with thee.  Taketh thy shield to protect you from the pain.  When this music doth play, we shall be on the […]