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Rococo by Arcade Fire and The Suburbs Deluxe Edition to be Released

| April 21, 2011

Untitled Document Rococo by Arcade Fire "They heat your brains, and fire your veins" ~Robert Burns If thou hast not heard of Arcade Fire, it might be worth a listen to this indie rock band from Montreal, Canada. Recently their performance at the 2011 Juno Awards of their song "Rococo" from their Grammy winning 2010 […]

Drake Seeketh Old Money at the Junos of Minstrels

| March 29, 2011

Untitled Document Drake and Old Money From the nyght of the Junos, where minstrels dwell, an instant of merriment didst goeth so well. Master Drake, with unmatched charm, didst seek, "Old Money", by getting his Jester on. "Canary Yellow with Loafers On" didst capture the daunce of the "Double Mirror", whilst walkers of gold ankle […]