Knights of the Pain Table

A Camelot for Sufferers of Chronic Pain

King Arthur Doth Kneel Upon This Day of Remembrance for Veterans

| November 11, 2009

Remembrance Day in Camelot I, your King, Arthur Pendragon,   at this special hour,   under the light of goulden candles,   sommon up remembrances of times past. Blessed,   I speaketh to thee,   Warriors with duty great  , who rode to fight for victory in the darkest of nyghts. Mine eyes have seen Veterans with embroidered […]

To Join Our Kingdoms and Our Hertes, Chivalry be Thy Armour

| July 20, 2009

“Some say that the age of chivalry is past, thatthe spirit of romance is dead. The age of chivalry is never past, so long as there is a wrong left unredressed on earth.” ~  Charles Kingsley Dear Feastful Friends, This earth that rests your feet,   shall be thy refuge in times of war.    Wilcume, my […]

Seint Patrick, the High Kyngs of Ireland and Mario Lanza Singeth "Danny Boy"

| March 17, 2008

St.  Patrick’s Day   at Camelot Upon his throne of gold, King Arthur, with his soul of gentleness, motioned to his Valettus to summon the High Kyngs of Irlaunde.   Embroidered in majesty and great spirit, the High Kyngs walketh along the long carpet on the gutsy floor of Camelot.  The great King Arthur did grete with […]

Your King Arthur doth Speaketh to Camelot and the Knyghtes of the Pain Table

| December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas Faithful friends of Camelot, as I holdeth this Christmas Rose, my herte sings with those tonight who celebrate the birth of the Christ Child.   Like a rose, we, who must wear our armour, both day and nighte, must protect our petals with spears and swords, like a rose with thorns.  We are Warriors […]

A Code of Chivalry in the War of Chronic Pain – Strength from the Dark Ages

| September 30, 2007

Knights Code of Honour In this Kingdom of Camelot with our King Arthur, there is a Code of Chivalry for all, including the Knights of the Pain Table.    A Knight that battles the Darkest of Knights (Pain ) both day and night has such a great onslaught to endure.    Why then should there be rules […]

King Arthur (Richard Harris) Sings of the Mystical “Camelot” as the Knights Return

| September 21, 2007

 Camelot All eyes looked upon their heaven through the weeping clouds.    Parting through the mist they saw something of material sublime.     How long was it since they held the sight of their home, the Castle of Camelot?    By order in Camelot, the summer still lingered through September.    The buttress’d walls stood on the Northern hill […]