Knights of the Pain Table

A Camelot for Sufferers of Chronic Pain

A Code of Chivalry in the War of Chronic Pain – Strength from the Dark Ages

| September 30, 2007

Knights Code of Honour In this Kingdom of Camelot with our King Arthur, there is a Code of Chivalry for all, including the Knights of the Pain Table.    A Knight that battles the Darkest of Knights (Pain ) both day and night has such a great onslaught to endure.    Why then should there be rules […]

Knight's Code of Honor at Camelot

| June 11, 2007

Knight’s Code of honor at Camelot To fight the war of pain is entering an abyss of “hell”, as chronic pain is ruthless.  Severe chronic pain has no boundaries or mercy.  To survive, the warrior must endure great suffering, which removes all of their humanity piece by piece.  But if we give up who we […]