Knights of the Pain Table

A Camelot for Sufferers of Chronic Pain

Medieval Lesson 105 – Jurat – Origin and Meaning of Word in Middle Ages

| November 27, 2009

Medieval Lesson 105 – Jurat Thy herte wilcumes thee back to the University of Camelot (U of C ).   My precious students come sit down upon thy wooden seat,  to satisfy thy thirst for this mead called knowledge. The more we do understand, the less we fear.   Let us now seek out the origin of […]

Medieval Lesson 102 – Herberger – for Thy Knights of the Pain Table

| February 1, 2008

Medieval Lesson 102     Herberger  In Medieval times, a herberger was the official responsible for the allocation of lodging to members of the Royal household (the Familia Regis ).    Herbergage  meant lodging or accommodation.  The origin of the word is from the Old High German, heriberga which meant “shelter for an army”.      It was formed from […]