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Migraine Sufferer’s Brains are Structurally Different – Latest Neurology Study

| November 23, 2007

Migraines A Neurology study by Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, found differences in the sensory areas of the brains of people who develop migraines.    The somatossensory cortext area of the brain was up to 21% thicker in migraine sufferers compared to people who are free from the debilitating headaches.    The cortext area processes pain and […]

New Way to Treat Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO), a Possible Migraine Cause

| August 21, 2007

A patent foramen ovale, or PFO, is an opening between the upper two chambers of the heart that have failed to close after birth. This congenital defect is also known as “hole in the heart” and affects about 25 percent of the population.  If this occurs, when pressure is created inside the chest, a flap […]

New Treatment for Pain of Fibromyalgia

| August 15, 2007

The seizure drug Lyrica  (pregabalin), may offer extended pain relief for people with fibromyalgia. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved Lyrica, the first drug to treat fibromyalgia.  Lyrica is also FDA-approved for diabetic nerve pain and nerve pain following shingles. Neuropathic pain,  is often characterized by burning, stabbing, shooting, tingling and/or shock-like sensations. […]

Cervical Disc Disease Relief with Disc Replacement

| July 28, 2007

Cervical Disc Disease, which involves the seven vertebrae in the neck, can be a very painful and immobilizing condition.  The symptoms of degenerative cervical disc disease include pain radiating down the arm and numbness, in addition to neck pain. Many people have difficulty sleeping.  Loyola University has been evaluating the Medtronic PRESTIGE ™Artificial Cervical Disc […]

Migraines Associated with Increased Risk of Retinopathy

| June 19, 2007

History Of Migraines Associated With Increased Risk Of Retinopathy Science Daily — Middle-aged men and women with a history of migraine and other headaches are more likely to have retinopathy, damage to the retina of the eye which can lead to severe vision problems or blindness, than those without a history of headaches, according to […]