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Lawrence Beamen Sings in the “America’s Got Talent” Finals Tonight

| September 14, 2009

Lawrence Beamen Tonight Lawrence Beamen will compete to win the talent show, “America’s Got Talent”.    It will be difficult as there are a few very talented singers in the finals.    Barbara Padilla sang a beautiful rendition of “Ave Maria” in the Semi Finals,  so she now is a favorite. If Lawrence can find the same […]

Lawrence Beamen of America’s Got Talent Singeth Ol’Man River

| August 4, 2009

Lawrence Beamen I gets weary, and sick of trying Im tired of livin, but Im scared of dyin But ol man river, he just keeps rolin along There are moments when a song finds a singer that was meant to take the words and music and reach into his soul to live the song.   Recently […]