Knights of the Pain Table

A Camelot for Sufferers of Chronic Pain

Crossfire from “Suspense” Old Time Radio Program 1948

| May 7, 2011

Crossfire from “Suspense” Old Time Radio Program 1948 Crossfire – Suspense   "You know we have a law against carrying a gun. We have that law because a gun is dangerous. Well hate, Monty’s kind of hate, is like a gun. If you carry it around with you, it can go off and kill somebody." […]

Night Must Fall from “Suspense” Old Time Radio Program 1948

| April 16, 2011

Untitled Document Night Must Fall – Suspense "It is a smallish place a typical English cottage.. rambling and comfortable… is an out of the way place…..a proper place for a murder you might say……" A woman has disappeared and Scotland Yard is investigating. In the meantime Dora the maid is introducing the man she loves, […]

Lack of Coal at Madison High – Our Miss Brooks Old Time Radio 1949

| March 22, 2011

Lack of Coal at Madison High – Our Miss Brooks Old Time Radio 1949 Lack of Coal at Madison High – Our Miss Brooks "You don’t understand Miss Brooks..Let me put it this the stockyards when they want the sheep to run a certain way they don’t send out a little lamb out to […]

Wet Saturday and August Heat from “Suspense” Old Time Radio Program 1948

| March 4, 2011

untitled document Wet Saturday – Suspense "Rain beats at the windows. They are like any middle class family at home on a wet day. Except for one small item… .." As the rain beats down outside, the British Princey family gathers inside to discuss a rather delicate matter…..of murder. Robert Montgomery presents a unique one […]

Suspicion from “Suspense” the Old Time Radio Program 1948

| February 18, 2011

untitled document Suspicion – Suspense "It is very quiet in Hammersmith, the western metropolitian bureau of London. Orderly homes line orderly residential streets. And inside these homes quiet people lead quiet lives….It is in Hammersmith our story is laid." It is indeed quiet in Hammersmith as Mr. Mummery rides the train to work. However he […]

Mavis Cameron Disappears from “The Whistler” Old Time Radio Program

| July 26, 2010

The Whistler March 17, 1947 Mavis Cameron was working as a filing clerk  with the  Fifth National Bank in Chicago.  But bank work was dull and Mavis had a dream.  She loved to sing. After work she goes out for dinner.  She is asked to sing.  Afterwords in the bar she meets Dan Spinelli.  An […]

The Too Perfect Alibi – Suspense – Old Time Radio Show

| January 30, 2010

Suspense January 13,  1949 In the fairy tales, the Prince Charming searches for the Princess. When they meet they fall in love and then live happily ever after.    But this fairytale has a different ending that keep you in Suspense! Danny Kaye stars in this episode of “Suspense”, a radio drama series on CBS from […]