Knights of the Pain Table

A Camelot for Sufferers of Chronic Pain

The Cobbler and His Guest – A Christmas Story for Thee

| December 26, 2007

The   Cobbler and   His   Guest There once lived in the city of Marseilles an old shoemaker, loved and honored by his neighbors, who affectionately called him “Father Martin” One Christmas Eve, as he sat alone in his little shop reading of the visit of the Wise Men to the infant Jesus, and of the gifts […]

The Story of the Other Wise Man – Part 4 – by Henry Van Dyke – A Profound Story for Thee

| December 23, 2007

 By the Waters of Babylon Artaban dismounted.    The dim starlight revealed the form of a man lying across the road.   His humble dress and the outline of his haggard face showed that he was probably one of the poor Hebrew exiles who still dwelt in great numbers in the vicinity.   His pallid skin, dry and […]

The Bird’s Christmas Carol – Chapter IV Part 2– Bird’s of a Feather Flock Together – A Christmas Story

| December 16, 2007

BIRD’S   OF   A   FEATHER   FLOCK   TOGETHER Chapter IV  Part 2    “That’s what Mama said. Now I’m going to give this whole Christmas to the Ruggleses; and,  Uncle Jack,  I earned part of the money myself.”      “You, my bird; how?”      “Well, you see,  it could not be my own, own Christmas […]

John Denver and the Muppets doth Sing “12 Days of Christmas”

| December 15, 2007

John Denver and Kermit The minstrel John Denver in the year 1979 did  singeth with our special little friends the Muppets.    Liketh the pure mountain air, John’s voice still touches the heart through time.    Jim Henson, John and their little friends are probably sitting around the fire tonight with much mirth while Miss Piggy searches  […]

Medieval Life 103 – Hanukkah, Jewish Festival of Lights – Part II of Jewish Festivals

| December 12, 2007

Hanukkah Part II Hanukka, from the Hebrew word for “dedication,” is the Jewish Festival of Lights.     Josephus Flavius wrote the Festival is called “Lights” because freedom glowed and lighted up Jewish life unexpectedly.   Chanukkah stands for the achievement of religious liberty.     It stands for a revival of a sentiment for the national development of the […]

Chanukah Commenceth and Camelot doth Celebrate – Happy Hanukkah dear Knights

| December 5, 2007

Happy Hanukkah My dear Knights of the Pain Table and all those in Camelot, the first nighte of Chanukah is upon us and we doth celebrate.  As the night falleth, the Knights of Judaism doth light the “Shamash”  ( extra helper candle )  and then reciteth thy three blessings.   Thy Knights doth then kindle one […]

Medieval Life 102 – Judaism and Jewish Life in the Middle Ages – Part I

| December 5, 2007

Judaism Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are all Abrahamic faiths,   as they all trace their tradition back to Abraham.    Abraham’s life is described in the Hebrew Bible.  Abraham lived around 1900 B.C.E.   ( Before Christian Era  – this term is used instead of the traditional B.C. to avoid centering around a Christian historical reference)   and is […]