Knights of the Pain Table

A Camelot for Sufferers of Chronic Pain Bestows Award to Knights of the Pain Table

| August 23, 2007, part of Network, has chosen the Knights of the Pain Table site, as one of their top sites for 2007. King Arthur has proclaimed that this award is the first such great honour to grace our humble Kingdom and we are overjoyed.   Battling the Dark Knight of Pain can be daunting.  To have […]

Wilcume to Camelot

| June 10, 2007

Wilcume to Camelot.  Come forth weary warrior of pain and enter through the gates to a place of refuge and peace.  Let me take your armour that you so proudly wear, to protect yourself from the world, whilst the pain stifles your breath.  Fear not my friend; let your fear be placed in this chest […]