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"Fear and Courage are Brothers" – Proverb

Two brothers born of the same cloth.  Different in many ways, yet the bond between them growing up was forged forever.  Fear has no direction and cannot see very well.  He moves too fast and often lives in the future and in the past.  Courage cannot be seen unless his brother Fear is with him.  Courage is slower moving and needs great power to emit light. 

Chronic Pain that has no end, or pain for which there is no relief anywhere, can instil a very deep fear that shakes your core. Your whole body is mummified in fear that you will suffer horrifically till the end.  At that point you are lost.  But something picks you up and carries you.  It is Fear’s brother Courage.  Where you find one, you will find the other. 

Courage holds your body and unwinds the fabric of Fear.  The two brothers know that they cannot exist without the other.  The beauty in one finds the beauty in the other. The daggers of pain continue but Courage gains power and holds off the Dark Knight till you are strong again. 

In the Knight’s Code of Honour, Courage is highly honoured.  But don’t forget that Courage cannot exist without Fear.  So when Fear arrives, sit with him until his brother arrives. 

I am so proud of any warrior that can withstand the onslaught of Fear.  I pray that Courage is always near by for you. 

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Your Scribe,
Lady Sharon

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7 Responses to “"Fear and Courage are Brothers" – Proverb”

  1. Lady Sharon says:

    Hey Anonymous,

    I thanketh you for reading by.

    Lady Sharon

  2. Hi!
    Just by google-coincedence I stumbled upon this. I have just written a metaphorical story about the subject that I am turning into a short film. Funny enough I have many similarities to the proverb! Anyway thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Rus Thomas says:

    Thank you for the quote! I have social anxiety that I’m trying to fight here and this will help take me a long way i feel for sure. I saw “Fear and Courage are brothers” on but I was dismayed that they didnt offer an author. I suppose from the above is from the Knights Code of Honor….im gon google it and check it out either way. this is a beautiful piece of literature indeed.

  4. Rus Thomas says:


  5. Lady Sharon says:

    Welcome Sir Rus to Camelot,

    Thou art brave to face that which causes you fear. Courage often cannot be seen, so one has to fight in one’s own light. However that is perhaps the truest courage. A true Knight learns that the Code of Honor protects the heart by keeping the Knight strong in battle. Social Anxiety can attack like an opponent, so one can learn to battle it with the heart of a warrior.

    I thanketh thee for thy kind comments. Please keep strong and remember to ride faster than the fear.

    Please ride by again.
    Lady Sharon

  6. Steve says:

    Hello, I also wrote a short piece on the Brothers ‘Fear & Courage’ whilst attending the school of Philosophy & Economic Sciences in Dublin, 1996. Along with a few other metaphorical observations. Would you be interested in me sending them to you for discourse?

  7. Lady Sharon says:


    It would be of great interest to hear your perspective on this proverb. I have sent you an email in response to your comment.

    I thank thee for riding through Camelot. Please ride by again.

    Peace and light,

    Lady Sharon