Knights of the Pain Table

A Camelot for Sufferers of Chronic Pain


Wilcume to Camelot

I have tried to create a refuge, a Camelot, for those who suffer pain.  Having suffered chronic pain, for half my life, I understand the immense impact that pain has on one’s life.  It can permeate into every corner of your life if it is severe enough.

Living with constant pain darkens our lives and the journey is arduous and wearisome.  And others cannot see, the unbelievable presence of pain in our journey.  Pain walks by your side, as a heavy shadow and when going uphill you must carry pain on your back, even when you stumble and fall.  Pain is forever hungry for your attention and you must cater to its needs, even at the expense of your own.   Even in the sunlight, pain will block the sun and you must find your way, blinded by the blackness.

But as any companion, pain can open doors within us that otherwise we would never open.   And in the darkness, we learn to use our other senses and instincts to survive.  We see things others do not see, as we have to look further and deeper.   Suffering is like a door to another world where we see the world with different eyes.  And as we travel on that lonely road, we recognize in others those eyes that have passed through that door.   And the deeper the pain and suffering the greater the test of your faith.   Pain will make you ask questions that will shake your soul.

As soon as you enter the gates of Camelot you become a Warrior of Pain, and I would like you to be proud of just making it this far.  To fight chronic pain, is one of the hardest battles of all.

As we begin this adventure,  I,  your humble Scribe, will introduce you to some of the subjects of this Kingdom.

King Arthur, the chosen King of Camelot, a War hero in the Dark Ages, will preside over the Pain Table and will share stories of his battles with his fellow Knights. A supreme chivalrous, but very human Knight, Arthur will lead us on our mythical quests as well as our quest for our Holy Grail.

Queen Guinevere of Camelot, wife of King Arthur, who will assure you do not forget beauty and art and passion.

Merlin, King Arthur’s advisor, prophet and magician will use his powers and wisdom to guide King Arthur and his Knights.

Noble Knights of the Pain Table will protect you and provide company and share their stories of their battles with the invisible Black Knight.  And all Knights will partake in tournaments and games.

Minstrels will arise to expand your spirits with mirth and good cheer.

As the scribe I offer that you read the Knight’s Code of Honor and A Code of Chivalry in the War of Chronic Pain,  as we want to illuminate our world in your heart.

Let us go forth now and I bid you to send me a missive, if you so wish, whether you are a Warrior of Pain or someone who stands beside someone who is a  Warrior of Pain.

God Bless Us All,

Lady Sharon, the Scribe of Camelot

To send a missive to Lady Sharon Email:

“It is the writer’s privilege to help man endure by lifting his heart.”

~William Faulkner

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  1. Dan says:


    My name is Dan, I’m the Web producer for

    I wanted to congratulate you and let you know that we’ve chosen Knights of the Pain Table as one of our 2007 Top Site Award Winners! You can see a full list of the winners here:

    If you’d like to email me back, I can fill you in on the details.

    Congrats again, and I hope to hear from you soon!


  2. Lady Sharon says:

    Sir Dan of Health Central,

    We are so pleased that you came upon our little Kingdom, and found good company within our walls. King Arthur is honoured by the Award that you bestowed upon Camelot and will continue to give more to all his subjects, God willing. As this is our first Honour like this, it holds a special place in our hearts.

    Sir Dan, we now raise a toast to your website which helps those suffering with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Everyone can pay a visit at
    This is a wonderful resourceful site.

    King Arthur expresses great gratitude and wishes thee well.

    Lady Sharon

  3. Terry Fator says:

    Hi everybody. My name is Terry Fator and I am the ventriloquist who won America’s Got Talent this year. I want you all to know that while I can’t even begin to imagine what it is like to endure your pain I do know the emotional toll it takes out of loved ones to watch a family member suffer agonizing pain since my sister has had RA since she was 16 years old. Inside Edition is doing a piece on my sister Debi Monday August 27. I think this web site is a fabulous idea and I have sent a link to my her. I can’t tell you how much it means to me to know that my performances are helping to make the pain a little more bearable for you, even if it os only for a short while. (I think one of the reasons I became such a good comedian is that as I have always had to make my sister laugh when she hurts the most. It was the only thing I could do for her!) You are my heroes. As you suffer through your pain yet smile when you see a loved one, you make us all stronger, and you are the ones who keep us all grateful for your strength. Thanks to each and every one of you who suffers as my sister does. I only hope that my my small contribution of laughter can continue to bless you and give you joy. Thanks!

  4. Lady Sharon says:

    Sir Terry Fator, King Arthur is so Honoured to Wilcume you to Camelot,

    King Arthur received your missive etched in kindness and was very touched. As a Prince of Voices you are not only a man with great talent but also a Prince of Empathy for those who are suffering. We knew you were brilliant as a ventriloquist, but it was the performance where you and Winston sang “It’s a Beautiful World”, that something special in you was revealed. You had us all at that point. The compassion in your heart showed through during that memorable performance and that is what touched America. You won our hearts and that is the only true conquest that matters in this world. Never underestimate the power of one heart.

    I believe your gift does releive pain in this world. It is wonderful that you are able to share your gift, now, with a greater number of people. You and your sister, Lady Debi, have a special bond and your gift was forged through that connection. We honour Lady Debi and have a seat for her as a Knight of the Pain Table. We send you both, our blessings from Camelot. We thanketh you for your missive and will continue to ride with you. Go forth with Peace our dear Prince of Voices.

    Lady Sharon
    Scribe of Camelot

  5. Ray says:

    The Rose of Sharon is actually another name for Jesus, the Christ, who suffered immeasurable pain for all of us. Through Him I have found a tremendous peace and the ability to bear the pain of constant migraines. I am not trying to proseletyze, but to just offer a suggestion.


  6. Lady Sharon says:

    Sir Ray,

    I thanketh you for writing these beautiful words. The Rose of Sharon is in the Bible and my parents were influenced to call me “Sharon” after the Rose of Sharon. I also have used this name in the context of the story “The Rose Within” at

    The Rose is like the soul within us. I am saddened that your pain from constant migraines is so great. I too suffer from this ailment and I too have found such comfort in understanding how much Jesus suffered for us. The more one suffers, the more one feels other’s suffering.

    I appreciate your kind words and pray that your pain is lessened but your peace remains. Thank you for riding by Camelot and we will always be honoured to have you as one of the Knights of the Pain Table.

    With Admiration and Compassion,

    Lady Sharon

  7. writemyline says:

    Dear Gentle Lady Sharon,
    I posted this for you on the writemyline blog. It is a very special daily meditation for me and I wanted to share it with you.

    “Refuse to fall down.
    If you cannot refuse to fall down,
    refuse to stay down,
    If you cannot refuse to stay down,
    lift your heart toward heaven
    and like a hungry beggar,
    ask that it be filled
    and it will be filled.
    You may be pushed down.
    You may be kept from rising.
    But no one can keep you from lifting your heart
    toward heaven –
    only you.
    It is in the middle of misery
    that so much becomes clear.
    The one who says nothing good
    came of this
    is not yet listening.”
    –Clarissa Pinkola Estes


  8. Lady Sharon says:

    Dear Lady Deb,

    Thy words are sweet music. Their melody doth sing to the soul and soothe the Spirit like an Angel’s song.

    What beautie walks in these simple words. Clarissa Pinkola Estes understands the invisible strength that hath the gentlest wings of a dove. Suffering does starve the soul.
    Methinks Clarissa Pinkola Estes has walked in many different shoes.

    Your gift will be heard in the Knights’ prayers at night.

    With grace and appreciation from the Heart, I thanketh you Lady Deb. I am honoured by your post.
    Thou art a kind and generous Knight of the Pain Table. Good wishes from our Kingdom to yours.

    Your Grateful Scribe,
    Lady Sharon

  9. Lady Sharon says:

    Dear Bibomedia,

    A big smile back at you! 😉

    Lady Sharon

  10. Good morning, Sweet Lady Sharon.
    Please accept my deepest apologies for not having replied sooner. As I am still fumbling with the technical side of WordPress, I only discovered your comments today.
    My thanks to you as well for admitting me to the Knights of the Pain Table. Between PTSD and RA, I understand the journey all too well. And while I’m not happy to see so many of us, I am happy that we can make the journey together in support of each other.
    Take care, sweet lady.
    Lady Laurapenpusher

  11. Lady Sharon says:

    Dear Lady Laurapenpusher,

    Your missive doth warm our hearts in Camelot. You have courage and strength that many may not see. Your story is important as it chronicles battles that tear at one’s soul. I am saddened that you hath suffered and that suffereing has been woven into your life. You have been given an intricate pattern to follow in life.

    I see the fortitude that lies within you. I admire that strength and understand what it takes to find your way.

    Remember each day as you put on your armour that you will never ride alone. We are with you.

    May you dream of the goodness that your heart doth sees.

    Lady Sharon
    in Camelot

  12. Sir Michael says:

    Lady Sharon,
    I am so grateful for having the blessing to stray upon this site by, what I believe to be devine guidiance. I was actually doing a search for the lyrics to the Snow Patrol song “Run” and this site came up on the search. When I noticed the title- I instantly knew I wanted to be a part of your group. I have been searching for seven years now for a site that I felt I could connect with on the multiple levels I feel we who suffer severe pain all deal with.
    When I read a little about Knights of The Pain Table, I felt inside like I had come home. I suffer from severe chronic pain from five back surgeries (vehicle accident)and a nephrectomy due to renal cell carcinoma, shoulder replacement, hip surgery, and this last year, I’ve had to deal with an anomalie in my left temporal lobe that’s causing seizures. It’s benign, for now, but the effects of it don’t feel that way! I was a career federal law enforcement officer of thirty-three years before all this started so I truly felt a common bond with the phrase “Knights of The Pain Table!” I’d never thought of myself as a Knight in this battle with pain, but I HAD in the battle to protect innocent people from the few who preyed upon them.
    Thank you for being here with this link…thank you to all those who still have the courage to CHOOSE to face the day with faith, but most of all thank you for hepling me feel connected to the outside world again! Not only connected, but to such a highly specific group that understands why I’m up at 03:00 when the pain medication alone isn’t enough. I pray the support of this group helps me have more courage and I pray that one day, I may be able to offer strength to one who needs it as I do now.-
    Your humble servant,
    Sir Michael

  13. Lady Sharon says:

    Dear Sir Michael,

    King Arthur didst read the wordes of gentle grace, which your hand didst write, to all those assembled in the Great Hall in Camelot. Whilst he spoke, tears of understanding fell upon his royal garments, etched in red.

    During the blackest of nightes, besieged by lance, dagger and sword, you rode on with lesions bleeding of thy strength. A Painefull Warrior engaged in a battle cloaked in silence and struck down by invisible blows, your courage and nobility hath stayed true.

    Merlin has forged a blessed key to open the gates of this Kingdom, for your weary soul. King Arthur hath dubbed you Sir Michael, a true Knight of the Pain Table. Hereafter, you shall be with those who can see thy wounds through armour made of light.

    Once a Knight of Blue, you gave away thy self to protect others in a mighty war. Now you face an invincible warrior. Pain has the power to hurte like the most merciless foe, so remember thy strengths as a Knight of Blue. You have already won thousands of victories and helped more than you will ever know. Now you must protect you.

    We thanketh you for your gift, for you gav’st thine hearte.

    Noe longer fear. You have always been here with us. We would never let you fight alone.

    Blessings to you Sir Michael,

    Lady Sharon
    Scribe of Camelot

  14. Very good post. I really enjoyed it. Thanks again, Alvaro

  15. Lady Sharon says:

    Dear Alvaro,

    It makes me happy if you enjoyed your visit to our Kingdom. You are always welcome.

    May the stars always light your way.

    Lady Sharon

  16. Corani Brightstar McIntosh says:

    Following submitted on 2009/06/08 at 7:59pm and deleted accidently during the move.

    Lady Sharon, I replied to The Trail of Tears and Amazing Grace. I suffer from a movement disorder that is called dystonia. I have constant pain yet look at each day as a Blessing from The Great Creator. He lights my path when it is dark by sending the soft rays of Grandmother Moon. This is my guidance. Grandfather Sun shines upon me to warm my soul and to remind me to look to the skies to the heavens when I am at my lowest. I have made many mistakes and mischosen at times, but I humbly bow my head and make amends to those I may have unintentionally harmed. I try to walk as my Ancestors do and I feel very comfortable here. Wa do.
    do hi qua

  17. Lady Sharon says:

    Dear Lady Raven of the Bright Star,

    I am saddened that you must suffer with an illness that causes such pain. I do not know a great deal about Dystonia, but I imagine that it must be both painful and uncomfortable. You are such a brave Knight to face this pain each day, and yet carry such beauty in your heart.

    King Arthur doth wilcume you with his heart to The Knights of the Pain Table and ask that you sit and rest, as you are at home. And with you in your heart is the light from Grandmother Moon and Grandfather Sun. How beautiful!

    Each Knight has made mistakes and made bad decisions at times. If we understand why we made these choices we can grow wiser and help others. It takes great courage to make amends, so we are with you and bow to you.

    You write words with your herte, so continue to write Corani. We thank you for sharing your light.

    May peace always be with thee,

    Lady Sharon,
    Under Grandmother Moon

  18. Deb says:

    Dear Lady,
    I have not forgotten you! I promise to be in touch soon… after my daughter’s wedding on Sept. 11 in DC. I have so much to tell you. BTW, the photo of yourself is beautiful!
    Please keep riding with me….

  19. Lady Sharon says:

    Dear Friend,

    Lady Debra, thou art kind to send this missive. My writing has been less of late, but I shall try to paint words with my quill once more. A Wedding Feast for thy daughter shall light up the skies in Camelot, as the summer ends.

    You are an honored Knight to King Arthur and all in Camelot. We shall all rejoice with thee. To ride with a noble Knight and Friend is my honor and I thank God for such a blessing. May the wind of kindness, joy and courage carry you each day.

    With a grateful herte,
    Lady Sharon

  20. This site appears to get a large ammount of visitors. How do you promote it? It offers a nice unique spin on things. I guess having something real or substantial to post about is the most important factor.

  21. Lady Sharon says:

    Wilcume Thaddeus,

    Camelot does offer a special gift to all who enter. A sanctuary for those who suffer with a fellowship of courageous warriors. Camelot is to all a place where it is the Herte that rules. Due to your humble scribe’s own battles, Camelot has remained behind a mist, waiting to be found. As my strength increases I shall ride forth to herald more news of Camelot.

    Your warm words are cherished. I agree that if you have something of substance or truth to share, it will eventually be found.

    May you always have a full moon on a dark nyght and we love your name in Camelot. 🙂

    Lady Sharon
    Scribe of Camelot

  22. Perfect work you have done, this site is really cool with superb information.

  23. Michelle says:

    Dear Lady Sharon

    I came here by accident (researching pain issues of my own), but stayed by choice. 😉 Wonderful site! I am so impressed.

    Could I be so bold as to extend an invitation from my own Queen to your great Table of Knights?

    Queen Mimi – a kindred spirit in pain issues and a blogger with a personal passion. I’ve been friends with her for as long as I’ve been a part of her Sacred Quest.

    Do consider joining us this year. Anyone who can write so beautifully about the recent TRagedy in Norway is just the kind of “voice” we need.

    Got to stop here – my pain issue is my hands at the moment. :-\

    here’s link to Mim’s quest:

  24. Lady Sharon says:

    Wilcume Lady Michelle,

    I am so touched by your kind words. I pray, dear Knight, that in your battle, you are finding some relief.

    With such a lovely invitation I didst ride over to the Kingdom of “MiMi Writes” with Queen Mimi and found great compassion with many voices. To follow the path of peace in this world is a noble path.

    King Arthur and Camelot would be honored to be part of thy quest. As soon as the monks resurrect the computer of Camelot we shall take part in thy quest.

    Lady Michelle please know that you are not alone in thy battles.

    I thank thee for thy beautiful words. Take good care and may thy way always be safe.

    Lady Sharon
    Scribe of Camelot

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